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What do we do

We offer a comprehensive service to the nautical customer, both sailing and motor.

Our aim is to meet any need of our customers. And we understand that these are different for each client and in each moment.

We want to join our customers whether they are thinking of buying a boat, whether they are already owners and are enjoying his boat and also when it is being sold. Establishing a strong relationship of trust.

What do we offer in each phase and how do we do it?

During the purchase process

At first we focus on the particular needs and tastes of each client to advise you on the boat that best suits you.

That is why our portfolio consists of a range of different shipyards covering different types of boat. Dufour Yachts for cruising and regatta sailboats, Fiart with sport motor boats, Rodman for fishing and motor cruising and Pacific Craft for boats with outboard motor and finally Bali/Catana for catamarans.

For those customers who decide on a second-hand boat, we are aware that we must offer them a high added value. For this reason we are not dedicated to catching boats for sale, make them some photos and to announce them in Internet. Our portfolio of used boats is usually quite limited, what we offer is a high knowledge of each boat, its maintenance and documentation, etc. We know the history of each ship and the reason for the sale. In many occasions we know the boat as much as its owner since in time we sold it and we have maintained it.

We handle all the issues surrounding the purchase. Contracts, registration and paperwork, financial solutions, insurance, moorings, transport by land or sea to the base port. Solve, in short, any question that arises before, during or after delivery to the client.

Whether it is a new or second-hand boat, we do commisioning to the customer consistent not only in an explanation of the operation of the boat but also in the practice of handling the boat, as necessary for the owner and his Companions feel comfortable and safe during use and enjoy the boat in any situation (docking, mooring, navigation, etc.)

While using the boat

In the after sales we try to make as easy and comfortable as possible for the customer the correct maintenance of your boat and you have to worry only about sailing and enjoy the boat.

From a routine motor overhaul to the most complex of facilities, our customers have a unique interlocutor. We take care of attending your requests, advising you and managing and coordinating the work.

 For this we select the most prepared professionals among our network of collaborators that cover each of the specialties:

  • Cleaning
  • Drydocking and periodic reviews. Security equipments. ITB
  • Electricity and electronic
  • Upholstery
  • Plumbing
  • Hydraulic systems
  • Rigging and acastillage
  • Etc.

When you decide to sell it

The moment one of our clients decides the sale of the boat we offer our brokerage services, making available to you:

  • Our extensive experience and deep knowledge of the market of occasion.
  • The added value to a potential buyer of our deep knowledge of your boat.
  • Access to our portfolio of potential customers collected in an extensive database developed over the years.
  • A collaborative network with the best positioned brokers in each geographical area.
  • Our office, which is in itself a showcase for being located in Marina de Denia, a focus of attraction for buyers.
  • Presence in the main nautical portals, having contracted with them their premium services to guarantee the best positioning.
  • Regular advertising actions such as internet campaigns, flyers, etc.
  • Presence in the main salons at national and international level.